All About Vents

May 14, 2024

All About Vents

Your air conditioner and furnace are just two components that make up your home’s overall HVAC system. Ductwork distributes air throughout your home, while vents control how much air enters each room. Thus, vents play an important role in the overall comfort you enjoy in your Detroit home. Knowing how your vents and vent covers affect your comfort and your heating and cooling costs can help you improve the function of your HVAC system for energy savings as well as a comfortable indoor environment.

Opening and Closing Your Vents

The main purpose of your HVAC vents is to allow heated and cooled air into the rooms of your home. You can control the airflow through your home by opening and closing select vents in your system. Home energy experts suggest keeping the vents closed in rooms that aren’t used often. This will ensure that the majority of the heated and cooled air outputted by your HVAC system is distributed to the areas of your home in which you spend the most time. However, closing too many registers can have a negative effect, forcing your furnace or air conditioner to work harder. Avoid closing more than 20-40% of your vents at any one time for optimal results. Additionally, if you aren’t getting the heating or cooling you expect in certain areas of your home, make sure your vents are fully open and clear of drapes, furnishings, or other items.

Types of Vent Covers

There are three types of vent covers: basic, decorative, and magnetic. Basic vent covers are the typical vent covers found in most homes and apartments. These vent covers are simple metal or plastic grates with a lever that opens or closes a set of slats. Decorative vent covers function via the same principle, but are available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials. These vent covers are meant to complement your décor and can be installed on your own with very little trouble. However, both basic and decorative vent covers are not ideal in rooms where you want to keep your air registers closed. Decorative and basic vent covers may not close completely, allowing some air to escape. Magnetic vent covers can solve this issue by creating a better seal over the front of your vents. These vent covers can be easily installed and removed because they simply seal magnetically on top of your existing vent cover to block airflow. If there are areas in your home where you tend to keep the vents closed all or most of the time, installing magnetic vent covers over these vents will improve your HVAC efficiency.

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