Exploring the Latest in Furnace Technology

May 14, 2024

Is it time to consider replacing your furnace? If you’re looking for a new furnace before fall sets in, there are some recent advancements in furnace technology you should consider. Purchasing the most efficient and advanced heating system you can afford offers a variety of benefits, including the utmost in home comfort and the greatest energy savings over the lifetime of your furnace. If you have questions about the right furnace system for your home, your Detroit heating expert has the personalized answers you need to make the choice that is best for your needs.

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid heating systems, like hybrid cars, are designed to take advantage of more than one heat source to gain maximum efficiency during the heating season. A hybrid furnace system utilizes a traditional gas or oil furnace coupled with a heat pump to provide efficient heating at any temperature. When temperatures are mild, the electric heat pump delivers energy-efficient heating for your home without activating the furnace, which is more expensive and less efficient to run. As the temperature dips below the range in which the heat pump is most efficient, your traditional furnace system will take over to deliver the heat you need. Additionally, it’s possible to use a heat pump for cooling as well-meaning you may be able to completely replace your air conditioning system when you upgrade to a hybrid heating system.

Variable-Speed Technology

Once your furnace has generated heated air, it must be distributed throughout your home. The blower pushes air into your ductwork, where it is sent through vents to heat each individual room. Variable-speed technology allows the blower to operate at different speeds to more efficiently distribute air. These blowers are more energy-efficient than standard motors, offering you savings on your utility bills throughout the heating season. A variable-speed motor can keep air circulating through your HVAC system constantly with very little energy consumption, which will keep the system cleaner by filtering the air more often. This will result in improved indoor air quality and increased longevity for your furnace as well.

Two-Stage Burners

A single-stage furnace can produce heat at only one setting; either it is on or off, regardless of how much heating you need. By contrast, a two-stage furnace offers different heating settings, providing only as much heating as you need. This type of system is much more energy efficient than single-stage burners, offering heating at a lower rate on milder days to save you energy and money. Two-stage furnaces are able to sense internally how much heating is needed, automating the entire process so you won’t need to think about your furnace’s operation to achieve the heating you need. These furnaces have other advantages as well, including more even heat output, quieter operation, and a longer overall lifetime of the system.

Heating technology has come a long way in the past decade, offering a variety of benefits when it’s time to upgrade your furnace. You can keep an eye on the latest heating and cooling news by clicking through the articles on our blog. If you need a new heating or cooling system in Detroit, you can request service and explore your options online.

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