Start Your Spring Cleaning with Your HVAC System

May 14, 2024

Regular care and cleaning keeps your HVAC system functioning efficiently, improving your comfort indoors and keeping your utility bills lower. While some tasks should always be performed by a heating and cooling professional, there are a few simple tasks you can undertake this spring to get your Detroit HVAC system in top shape.

Check Your Air Conditioner

Heavy snows and icy weather can cause damage to your air conditioner’s condenser. Even if you covered the unit last fall for protection, early spring is a good time to inspect it and clear away any snow or debris that may have accumulated. Check that no branches or other objects have fallen onto the condenser and make sure any landscaping is trimmed back away from the appliance. Also look at the integrity of any tubing that runs from the unit into your home. If the condenser appears damaged or you spot a refrigerant leak, contact your heating and cooling service for repairs. Inside your home, take a look at the evaporator unit, which is located near your furnace. Find the drainage hole at the base of the unit and make sure it is clear; if it appears clogged, clean it out with a paperclip or pipe cleaner to ensure proper drainage.

Check Your Furnace

Furnaces are often located in areas of the home that are used for out-of-season storage. Now that the holidays have passed, these areas of your home may be more full than they were during the height of winter. Check the area around your furnace and move any stored items away from the appliance for at least three feet in all directions. Make sure no items have fallen against or damaged the furnace—if so, call in an HVAC expert to evaluate any possible damage. If you have a carbon monoxide detector near your furnace, now is also a good time to test your CO detector and change its batteries if necessary. Vacuum thoroughly around your furnace to remove any dust or debris that could be drawn into the unit, causing a drop in efficiency; you should also vacuum the area around your carbon monoxide detector to ensure it is functioning at maximum sensitivity. If your furnace system also incorporates a humidifier, now is a good time to check and clean it. Turn off the power to the humidifier and remove the housing to let it dry completely. Wipe away any dirt and use your vacuum hose to clean out the interior of the unit for improved performance. While you’re in the area, now is also a great time to change your furnace filter if you haven’t done so in the past month.

Check Your Vents and Fans

Vents and exhaust or extractor fans also play an important role in indoor comfort, but are often forgotten during spring cleaning. Use a static duster or mircrofiber cloth to wipe down your vents and extractor fan covers; if they’re particularly dirty, you can remove the covers and use a cleaning toothbrush and soapy water solution to scrub them down. If possible, use your vacuum’s hose attachment to clean any dirt and dust from just inside the covers as well.

Once all these DIY tasks are done, it’s time to call your Detroit heating and cooling service for your spring HVAC tune-up. You can find out more about our comprehensive heating and air conditioning services on our website, or check out our blog for more home maintenance tips and signs you might need the help of a professional.

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Last Updated: June 04, 2024