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Furnace Repair in Detroit

When you need a furnace repair in Detroit, MI, you must call the professional team at Andy’s Statewide Heating & Air Conditioning. You rely on your furnace to keep you and your family warm, so it’s important that you treat it right by only allowing a trustworthy technician to provide maintenance and repairs. Without it, you could face more severe problems or a potential system breakdown. With our professionals providing regular maintenance and heating system services as needed, you can rest assured that your furnace will stay in good working order. We work quickly to diagnose your problem and get it fixed so your family can get back to having a warm and cozy home. Call us today if you’re concerned you may have a problem with your heating system or to schedule a tune-up for regular maintenance of your furnace.

Be Prepared with a Furnace Tune-Up

Anyone living in Michigan knows that winters here can be severe. When temperatures start to plummet, and the wind chill turns frigid, the last thing you want is a broken furnace in your Detroit, MI home. That’s why it’s essential to make sure your heating unit is always in good working order. The best way to do this is with a seasonal furnace tune-up from Andy’s Statewide. We recommend completing a tune-up for your furnace once a year. The skilled technicians at Andy’s Statewide know how to keep your furnace system running smoothly and efficiently. With a seasonal furnace tune-up in Lake Orion, Detroit, Troy, MI, and the surrounding communities, we can ensure your system is in prime condition before the winter weather even gets here. And if there’s a problem with your furnace, we can catch it early and keep it from becoming more severe.

Our furnace tune-ups include:

  • Cleaning: We’ll clean the outdoor unit, blower, fan blades, drain line, and coil to ensure your furnace is free of any dirt and dust.
  • Inspection: We’ll thoroughly check for cracks, damage, or wear and tear that could cause future problems.
  • Testing: We’ll check your system by testing the fuel pressure, airflow, thermostat controls, and the pilot or igniter.
  • Lubrication: We’ll check all of the motor parts to ensure they’re properly lubricated in order to prevent damage to the system.

$79 Furnace Tune-Up*

*Standard price of tune-up is $109. Price valid for one working system. For gas or heat pump systems only; does not apply to oil fired systems. Valid at participating ARS® Network locations. Not valid for third party, new construction, or commercial customers, with any other offers, discounts, or on prior sales. Call service center for details. Coupon required at time of service. Void if copied or transferred and where prohibited. Any other use may constitute fraud. Cash value $.001.

Expires: 03/31/2022

ARS Statewide Coupon In Detroit

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How Do You Know If You Need Furnace Repair?

Some problems with your furnace can be easy to miss if you don’t know the warning signs. That’s why it’s important to always take note of any differences you notice in your system and its performance. Andy’s Statewide is here to help you diagnose and fix your heating problems by providing furnace tune-ups and repairs in Detroit, MI. The earlier we catch an issue, the more likely we’ll be able to address it before it causes permanent damage. We’ve compiled a list of questions to consider when it comes to the performance of your furnace.


warm home with furnace repair

Answering yes to any of the following questions, even just one, means it’s time to schedule our team for an inspection:

  • Is your furnace or heating system making unusual noises?
  • Are you having difficulty keeping your home warm?
  • Is there weak airflow coming from your vents?
  • Do your utility bills seem unusually high during the winter months?
  • Has it been more than a year since your last heating system tune-up?
Furnace repair and maintenance

Common Issues that Require Professional Furnace Repair

A furnace is a highly complex piece of machinery, and as such, can face many problems that require repair. All of the components of your heating system must be operating correctly for it to function efficiently and safely. While problems with your furnace can vary greatly, some occur more often than others. Our team can handle any type of furnace service in Detroit, MI, but some of the most common issues we see are:

  • Dirty or clogged air filter
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Furnace not heating well or at all
  • Frequent cycling
  • Excess noise
  • Blower running continuously

If It Can’t be Repaired, We’ll Replace it

All furnaces eventually reach the end of their lifespan. Old age, damage, or improper maintenance can all play a role in the demise of your system. Unfortunately, repairs can’t fix all problems, and further steps must be taken to get your home equipped with a fully-functioning heating system. When this occurs, the only solution is to have the furnace replaced.

If we come to your home and determine that your furnace cannot be fixed, you don’t have to worry about calling a separate contractor. Our team can complete replacements and new installations of furnaces in Detroit, MI. We’ll work quickly to ensure your home isn’t without a properly working heating system for too long, so your family will stay comfortable. We also offer flexible payment and financing options, which means you won’t have to worry about how you’ll pay for your new heating system.

Home heating and air conditioning

Quality Furnace Repair

As one of Southeast Michigan’s leading authorities on indoor climate control, Andy’s Statewide has a proven track record of quality Detroit furnace repair, Lake Orion and Troy, MI. All of our work comes backed with our Exceptional Service Guarantee, which guarantees complete satisfaction on your end. Either you are completely happy with the work we do, or we’ll do whatever’s necessary to make it right.

There’s no reason to spend the winter shivering indoors. With just a single call to Andy’s Statewide, you can have your home nice and toasty again, just the way you like it.

Please call Andy’s Statewide Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule furnace service in Detroit at your home!