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Improve Your Comfort and Indoor Air Quality

Dry air inside your home during the winter months can cause your family to develop health issues, including dry noses, throats, lips, and skin. Andy’s Statewide installs whole-house humidifiers to keep your family healthy and comfortable in Detroit, MI. We can help you choose the best whole house humidifier and install it for you. Your house can suffer from dry air too. Wallpaper can peel, paint can crack, and wood furniture can separate. Another result of dry air is those jolting shocks of static electricity. Even new homes can suffer from a lack of humidity and experience severe cracking and shrinking in wood floors and cabinets. Learn more about our humidifier installation services and why you should seriously consider adding one to your home.

Home heating and air conditioning

Professional Whole Home Humidifier Installation

The best way to combat the effects of dry winter air is with a humidifier for your whole house. Our team can install a furnace humidifier directly onto your existing HVAC system. The humidifier works by injecting humidity in the form of water vapor into your home’s air and then distributes it through your vents and ducts. Unlike portable humidifiers, the whole house version monitors the relative humidity in your home and precisely produces the right levels of moisture. Another advantage is that the filter only needs replacement about once a year, as opposed to the daily cleaning and disinfecting required by portable humidifier units.

Why Should You Install a Humidifier?

Your furnace keeps your home warm during the winter but heating your home can also dry it out. If the relative humidity in your home is not properly balanced, your family’s health and the structural integrity of your house can be put at risk. A whole home humidifier works with your furnace and efficiently distributes moisture throughout multiple living areas, improving your health, comfort, and energy bills.

The Benefits of Whole Home Humidifiers

There are many benefits of having a whole house humidifier installed. The health and safety of your family members should be your first priority, and adding a humidifier to your home may be exactly what you need to do so. Check out the following benefits of allowing us to install one in your house:

  • Comfort – If your air is stuffy, you may have trouble sleeping comfortably. A humidifier can help you get more restful sleep and enjoy yourself while you’re awake.
  • Allergies – Increase the indoor air quality in your home with a whole home humidifier. These can help allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • Efficiency – You’ll love the energy savings that a whole house humidifier may provide you.
  • Protection – Protect your home’s foundation, windows, and door frames by not allowing the wood to become damaged.

Choose Andy’s Statewide for Whole Home Humidifier Installation

If you’re still on the fence about having a whole home humidifier installed, we recommend you schedule a consultation with Andy’s Statewide. We want to keep you and your family safe and comfortable, and we offer indoor air quality system installation, home service plans, and more. All of our repair and installation work is backed with our Andy’s Statewide Exceptional Service Guarantee for your peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.