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Andy’s Statewide Heating & Air Conditioning is the premier source for HVAC services for homeowners in Auburn Hills and the surrounding Detroit community. Each certified member of our technical team has the training and knowledge to diagnosis your home’s HVAC issues and come up with a specialized plan to repair or replace equipment, in keeping with your budget.

We are standing by to consult about problems with your heating or AC system. Our HVAC repair service experts offer annual inspection, maintenance and cleaning to help keep your HVAC equipment working well into the future.

You can count on us to take care of your system quickly and efficiently, since we follow industry best practices and are familiar with all the major brands and models of heating and AC systems.

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How to Know Whether Your HVAC System Requires Repairs

It’s prudent for homeowners to be aware of the main indications that their HVAC system needs repairs.

Here are the most common signs that heating and cooling equipment has an issue, from the experts at your preferred furnace repair company:

  • Skyrocketing utility bills: Homeowners may suspect something is wrong with their HVAC system when they notice that power company bills have increased more than expected. If you see a rise in utility charges but haven’t changed your heating and cooling settings, the system may be running less efficiently. Working harder than usual leads to bigger utility bills.
  • Strange noises: If you hear loud banging noises, screeches, whines or other unusual sounds, they could be signs of failing or broken components. An expert from Andy’s Statewide heating and cooling companywill visit your dwelling to see if we need to clean or tighten something, make repairs or replace a damaged item. Don’t put off this kind of service call, because the noise could indicate a problem that will grow worse and more expensive to repair.
  • Leaking fluids: Address the problem of fluid leaking from your home’s HVAC equipment as soon as possible. Leaks could be from refrigerant escaping the system, or a broken condenser unit. Sometimes, we find water leaking from a faulty drain tube. Leaking refrigerant requires service without delay, so call us today!
  • Weird odors: Trust your nose if something strange emanates from the HVAC system. You may detect musty odors because mold and mildew have built up on components. Since mold can be a health hazard to your family, you’ll want a professional from Andy’s Statewide to check the system sooner rather than later. Be aware of smoky odors, which can result from equipment overheating and burning insulation from the wires, or from an overheated motor’s oil emitting fumes.
  • Dust accumulating: If dust has recently started building up faster than you can clean it up, it is a chief sign that the HVAC system is experiencing dirt buildup. Our experienced technicians will clean your system annually to help keep dust from accumulating in the home.
  • Equipment isn’t cooling the air: You deserve an air conditioner that works reliably whenever your family feels the summer heat. If equipment stops sending cooled air through the vents, the problem needs immediate, professional attention. The system could be low on refrigerant, which we can top off, or there might be problems with a fan, motor or compressor that keeps the system from generating cool air.

How the Climate of Auburn Hills Impacts Home HVAC Systems

In Auburn Hills, Michigan, the climate causes numerous problems for HVAC equipment. Heavy snow and rainfall can create rust and water damage on exterior units, including the condenser. As temperatures swing from hot to cold, metal components contract and expand, causing system leaks or loosened parts.

In winter, HVAC equipment needs to run more often to keep your family warm and cozy, leading to extra wear and tear. When the temperature plummets, homeowners should anticipate that the system’s pipes may burst after freezing, causing additional damage.

As it gets muggier in Auburn Hills in summertime, Andy’s Statewide gets calls to address issues with homeowners’ AC evaporator coils no longer being able to reliably keep the air at a comfortable temperature. Higher heat makes equipment work harder, causing parts to malfunction prematurely, which our technicians will replace or fix.

For these reasons, Auburn Hills’ climate can reduce life cycles for HVAC equipment, or make it work less efficiently. Protect your HVAC investment by scheduling maintenance at least annually.

Answers to Customers’ Most Frequently Asked Questions About HVAC Issues

Could I avoid problems with my home’s HVAC with maintenance?

Ideally, you will schedule heating, ventilation and air conditioning maintenance service at least once annually — that’s the key to improving HVAC efficiency. Our certified air conditioning service technicians inspect and clean the system so it runs more efficiently, promoting a longer service life and avoiding expensive bills by catching problems when they are still smaller and easier to fix.

What is the reason for one room being colder or hotter than the rest of my dwelling?

Often, the problem is solved when you check the vent and verify it is open or closed in that room. Sometimes, the problem stems from clogged ducts. You’ll want to hire professionals to ensure that heated and cooled air moves through the ducts without obstruction.

Why are utility bills unpredictable?

Observant homeowners who habitually inspect their power bills may notice costs are changing, despite using the system at the same level from year to year. Spikes in utility bills can mean the system is struggling to work hard enough to meet demand. You may need a technician to inspect and clean the equipment. Sometimes, a faulty thermostat makes the AC or heater run more often than needed.

Is the issue caused by a faulty thermostat?

It’s wise to check the thermostat when you experience HVAC issues. Is the thermostat responding to your commands? Perhaps you need to change its batteries or check that it is turned on. Consult the thermostat’s instruction manual for other troubleshooting steps. If you can’t get it to work, contact Andy’s Statewide to check the equipment.

Could the problem have to do with a clogged air filter?

Schedule when to change the air filter per the manufacturer’s guidance, to make sure that it doesn’t get dirty and clogged, keeping the HVAC equipment from running efficiently.

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