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The experts at Andy’s Statewide know that you rely on your water heater to keep your home comfortable, hygienic, and clean. We provide expert service for water heaters in Bloomfield Hills, including professional maintenance, installation, and repair. We’re happy to show you the benefits of hiring our team.


Annual water heater maintenance can make the difference between a system that works well throughout its lifespan and one that starts having problems after the first year. Maintenance from our professionals keeps your system clean, clear of sediment, and working optimally. We can test the system, identify any problems, and talk to you about how to maximize performance.


When you’re ready to upgrade your water heater or try out our tankless water heater service, our experts can handle all of the difficult work. We can help you choose the best unit for your home and your household, remove the old water heater, and install a new one. We test the system and confirm it works appropriately, as part of our service.


If your water heater fails to meet your expectations, we can help you identify the problem. We take pride in offering comprehensive service for your water heater, so you don’t have to search for experts when you have a question or need water heater repairs.

Tailored Solutions

At Andy’s Statewide, we aim to provide an ideal service that meets all of your needs. We listen to your questions and help you understand what to expect from each step of the process. We work hard to find a tailored solution that solves the problem and makes your life easier.

Water Heater Challenges in Bloomfield Hills

The climate in Bloomfield Hills creates a variety of obstacles for your water heater. In summer, the average highs above 80 degrees Fahrenheit make use your water heater more frequently as we tend to do more laundry in the summer. In addition, relative humidity around 65% increases the likelihood of corrosion and other damage to your water heater.

Since you’re more likely to rely on the water heater in extreme temperatures, your water heater has to function at peak output and efficiency to stay ahead of the load. Over time, a high level of use can lead to wear and tear on the system, lost efficiency, broken parts, and more. If your air conditioning system can’t extract enough moisture from the indoor air, you risk tank corrosion or water leaks.

Once you get to winter, you still have to keep a close eye on your water heater’s operation. With average lows of 21 degrees F in January, your water heater takes longer to properly heat the water for use. You may pay higher energy bills at this time to ensure a regular supply of hot water in the coldest weather.

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How long can a water heater last?

If you schedule regular maintenance for your water heater and attend to problems when they arise, you may get 8 to 10 years out of your water heater before you need to replace it.

Are there different types of water heaters?

Water heater models come in different types, including tanks, tankless units, solar-powered options, heat pump units, and more. Our experts can inspect your home and help you select the one that will work best for your needs.

How can I increase my water heater efficiency?

To improve your water heater’s efficiency without compromising output, you should install efficient faucets and fixtures, insulate your water heater and pipes to minimize heat transfer, and choose the most efficient model when you replace your water heater.

When should I call for water heater repair?

If you notice that your water heater makes strange noises during operation, does not provide enough hot water, or leaks water around the tank, you should call our professionals for repair service.

Can I buy an eco friendly water heater?

If you’re trying to cut down on your energy consumption, you should consider installing a solar-powered or heat pump water heater. Our experts can help you determine what you need to implement these renewable energy solutions.

How often do I need maintenance for my water heater?

You should hire our professionals to flush your water heater tank and test the pressure relief valve once a year. We can advise you on the frequency of maintenance for other aspects of your water heater.

What does a water heater cost?

Water heater costs depend on the type of unit, tank size, energy source, and other factors. Our installers can help you choose an option that works with your budget.

Can I DIY install a water heater?

DIY water heater installation can result in low performance, improper installation, and higher likelihood of repairs. Our installers provide an expert service that minimizes risk and maximizes efficiency.

Should I upgrade my water heater?

If you’re thinking of upgrading your water heater, our experts can help you determine whether replacement makes the best return on your investment.

How can I minimize water heater problems?

Reducing the likelihood of water heater problems starts with regular maintenance, proper insulation, and prompt attention to issues.

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