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Andy’s Statewide Heating & Air Conditioning is proud of the reputation we’ve developed for our professionalism and craftsmanship in keeping customers comfortable and safe at home in every season. Our technicians are devoted to outstanding customer service for customers in Detroit, MI, and neighboring communities such as Wayne County’s Livonia.

We carry the latest tools and follow industry best practices to get the job done right the first time, on time, and according to your specifications. You can rely on Andy’s Statewide to keep your heater working during the bitter cold of winter and AC functioning despite the blazing summer heat.

Full Line of HVAC Services

  • Installing and Repairing AC and Heating Systems
  • Setting up State-of-the-Art Geothermal Equipment
  • Boosting Indoor Air Quality
  • Installing and Repairing Water Heaters
  • Better Indoor Air Quality for Your Family

We take a preventative approach to caring for customers’ HVAC equipment. Andy’s Statewide recommends scheduling annual service before winter and summer so your home will be ready to keep you comfortable with efficiency for a lower total cost of ownership.

Improving IAQ for Health

Homeowners want to boost indoor air quality for better comfort and a healthier lifestyle.

The quality of the air you breathe indoors can be lower than the air outside because of concentrations of:

  • Dust
  • Mildew
  • Allergens
  • Pollutants

Contaminants inside your home can impact your family’s health. We provide solutions for better IAQ, including ultraviolet light air cleaning systems and whole-house air cleaners. Our experts will help you experience a breath of fresh air indoors.

Expert Advice for Your Home’s Heating and Cooling

Andy’s Statewide is standing by to determine if you need to install a new furnace or AC system when the equipment is acting up. We’ll check out your furnace or AC and give our expert opinion based on years of training and experience. Our technicians examine the system’s condition, history of repairs, efficiency, and utility costs to recommend the correct system for your upgrade. Because new HVAC systems are more efficient than ever, they can pay for themselves because of the money you save on lowered utility costs.

Andy’s Statewide is an HVAC company in Livonia that MI homeowners know they can rely on. We’ll advise you about environmentally suitable geothermal systems, which make it efficient to keep your family comfortable thanks to taking advantage of underground air’s stable temperature. The HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to keep up with demand, and utility bills decrease.

Standing By in Your Time of Need

You can depend on us to provide the best heating and cooling Livonia offers when you need it. Customers appreciate that we deliver furnace repair Livonia homeowners can rely on. The secret to our success is outstanding customer service and technical expertise, allowing us to exceed customer expectations. You’ll see our attention to detail when you schedule service until the work is done.

Select Andy’s Statewide to care for your home’s cooling and heating system. We deliver heating and air conditioning repair Livonia MI, residents prefer. You can count on us to look after your home as if it were ours.

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Contact us today for more information about our approach to optimizing the health and comfort of your dwelling. We’ll strive to make an appointment that best fits your busy schedule. See why Andy’s Statewide is known for delivering the best heating and cooling repair Livonia offers.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep cool during the blazing summer heat in Livonia?

Homeowners soon discover that Livonia reaches an average of 83.7 degrees Fahrenheit in July, which is why we’re known to be one of Michigan’s hottest locations. Beat the heat by scheduling an expert AC tune-up when spring arrives.

Andy’s Statewide will replenish fluids, clean components, and address AC performance issues. Clean the condenser coils and swap out the air filters regularly. Check the thermostat is working properly for better AC functioning.

What causes Livonia HVAC evaporator coils to freeze in winter?

With 132 days of subfreezing temperatures in Livonia annually, homeowners can anticipate issues with frozen evaporator coils. Coils freeze when the fan breaks, the filter grows dirty, or the refrigerant runs low.

Maintaining HVAC systems with air filter replacement and refrigerant level checks is essential. If your coils freeze, switch off the unit and contact us to determine the problem and make a customized repair plan.

What are my responsibilities for Livonia HVAC permits?

Before you start a new HVAC project for your home in Livonia, a permit may be required. Visit the Livonia Building Inspection Department at 33000 Civic Center Drive, where authorities give out HVAC permits to keep the public safe. You’ll need to submit detailed documents and plans for review. The department will give its approval after reviewing your paperwork. Count on a final regulatory and code inspection being needed after work is finished for safe HVAC operation.

Why is my HVAC frequently cycling during winter?

In Livonia, the temperature plummets under freezing on about 132 days each year on average, so when the HVAC system keeps cycling, it needs professional attention.

The issue might be:

  • Clogged air filter
  • Broken thermostat
  • System is oversized

Andy’s Statewide will check your system to see if repairs or adjustments are required. If an issue indicates heater replacement, we offer furnace installation Livonia homeowners rely on to stay warm and cozy.

We serve the entire region, including nearby Burton Hollow, Golf Ridge Villa, Old Rosedale Gardens, Wood Creek Farms, and more.

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