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The experts at Andy’s Statewide are devoted to providing outstanding HVAC installation and repair services throughout the community of Royal Oak, Michigan. We’re known for delivering the best heating and cooling Royal Oak offers. Our industry expertise is illustrated by our critical role in the ARS Network, which means we offer gold-standard service to every homeowner. We guarantee exceptional service!

You’ll be pleased by the Midwestern values of hospitality demonstrated by our well-trained, certified HVAC technicians, who are experts in the field. Since having properly functioning HVAC equipment is essential to your safety and comfort, we are standing by to assist with air conditioning repair Royal Oak, MI, homeowners can depend on. We promise transparency and open communication from the moment you schedule service.

Comfortable at Home Throughout the Year

Andy’s Statewide provides services for HVAC Royal Oak residents know they can count on, so your dwelling will be comfortable whether it’s freezing or sweltering outdoors. With maintenance, we catch small problems when they’re easier and less expensive to repair to help keep the system functioning at its best. Annual service helps you avoid premature malfunctions. Regular inspections and maintenance are the way to save money since you don’t have to budget to install a new system.

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  • We customize HVAC services specifically to your home.
  • Our certified technicians treat your dwelling with respect.
  • We pledge to exceed your expectations during each service call.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

You can depend on Andy’s Statewide to guarantee the quality of our work. If you’re not completely happy with the work we did within one year of the service date, we will do what it takes to ensure your satisfaction. If we fail to meet your expectations, we’ll refund you and remove the equipment. We guarantee it.*

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Hire Andy’s Statewide with the confidence that comes with knowing we offer Royal Oak heating and cooling that homeowners prefer. From installation to repairs and maintenance, we take care of it all professionally, following industry standards. Call us today to learn more about our reliability and attention to detail or to schedule service!

Andy’s Statewide Answers Frequently Asked Questions

How do I safeguard my home’s HVAC system when it falls below freezing?

Royal Oak experiences 128 days every year with below-freezing temperatures. You’ll want to arrange for a tune-up during the fall. Insulate pipes if they are not already protected. Keep your thermostat at the same temperature to prevent ups and downs in temperature (and in utility bills). Continue changing air filters per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What’s a good way to keep up with HVAC maintenance in June, the wettest month here?

In Royal Oak, residents can anticipate an average of 3.5 inches of rain falling in June. In the wet season, ensure your HVAC’s outdoor unit has good drainage or is placed on a platform to keep water from pooling. Other water problems can be avoided by checking the drain lines and drain pan and keeping them clean. We often suggest homeowners install a dehumidifier, which allows your HVAC to work more optimally while bringing humidity to a tolerable level under your roof.

What HVAC problems do we need to consider because of the harsh seasons?

Homeowners in Michigan indeed contend with, snowy weather, and muggy, hot summers. Consequently, HVAC systems tend to cycle on and off more than they should. The problem is often due to the system needing to be correctly sized to the house, making equipment labor to keep up with demand. Suppose airflow is reduced or it’s not cold enough in the summer. In that case, you might have a frozen evaporator coil or a refrigerant leak. We can consult with you about installing longer-lasting cooling systems for customers looking to upgrade their equipment.

Furnace issues during the winter include insufficient heating (caused by clogged filters, in many cases) or problems with the pilot light. You can avoid such situations if you clean the ducts, change filters, and arrange for maintenance and tune-ups from the professionals at Andy’s Statewide, which provides the most experienced furnace repair Royal Oak has to offer. Your home will be comfortable in each season!

Do we need permits in Royal Oak before upgrading our HVAC system?

The Royal Oak Building Division gives permits for residential and commercial construction projects, including work to install or upgrade HVAC equipment. Contact the Royal Oak Building Division at 203 S Troy Street and ask what inspections and permits are required per the community’s ordinances.

What must I do to get my HVAC equipment ready for the high heat during summer in Royal Oak?

July, the hottest month, brings temperatures averaging 83.4 degrees Fahrenheit in Royal Oak, one of Michigan’s hottest locations. Protect your cooling system by scheduling annual HVAC maintenance. As the source of HVAC repair Royal Oak, MI, homeowners prefer, we’ll give your system a tune-up. In between visits, we suggest you periodically look for leaking ductwork and replace or clean air filters for optimal system functioning when it’s blazing outside.

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