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High-Quality New and Replacement Furnaces in Detroit, MI

Andy’s Statewide Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to keeping your family warm and cozy during the bitterly cold winter. Furnace replacement and installation are our specialties. We have a sterling reputation for delivering outstanding customer service and durable, efficient HVAC systems. We have a licensed and professional staff capable of answering your questions and installing your new furnace quickly. Our technicians have made families happy in cities as far as Ann Arbor, Troy, and all the communities in between. If repairs are not an option, we will help you select the correct furnace, install it, and reintroduce comfort into your living space.

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Save $1,000 on a High-Efficiency Heating & Cooling System

Purchase and installation of a complete 16 SEER or higher heating and cooling system required. Valid at participating ARS® Network locations. Not valid for third party, new construction, or commercial customers, with any other offers, discounts, or on prior sales. Call service center for details. Coupon required at time of service. Void if copied or transferred and where prohibited. Any other use may constitute fraud. Cash value $.001. Offer expires 03/31/2022.


Expires: 03/31/2022

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When to Replace Your Furnace: The Six Signs

Furnaces usually have a lifespan of around 10 to 15 years. Once they reach that age, they will begin to display signs of aging. If your furnace is 10 years or older, you might want to replace it now. However, there are no guarantees in life. Sometimes, a relatively new furnace fails. The key is learning to recognize the warning signs because being proactive can avoid a surprise shut down. Get into the habit of paying attention to:

  • Your Utility Bills: When your furnace fails, it will not heat your house efficiently. A higher-than-normal utility bill is often the first indicator that it is time to replace the unit. If you notice skyrocketing bills, cross-reference with the below symptoms.
  • How Long It Takes to Start the Furnace: A working furnace fires up immediately and provides near-immediate warmth to all corners of the house. It should not take fifteen minutes to provide heat to an upstairs bedroom.
  • Whether It Runs Continuously Or Not: All furnaces turn on and off in cycles. When the system functions, it doesn’t need to turn on to provide a kick of warm air often. However, if your system seems to cycle frequently, it is laboring to provide heat.
  • How Often You Repair It: Have you called us for furnace repairs this year? Are you continually digging out your toolbox to perform do-it-yourself repairs? If so, it might be time to replace the unit. The situation is not going to get better.
  • The Exterior of the Unit: Pay attention to the furnace itself and check for cracks or rust. Anything that doesn’t look right is potentially problematic. Give our technicians a call so we can perform a professional examination.
  • Uneven Heating: Do you have a frigid living room and an oven-hot bedroom? That’s not normal. If you set your thermostat to 72 degrees, each room in the house should warm to 72 degrees – give or take a few degrees. Massive shifts in temperature are not acceptable.

Our Expertise in Various Heating Systems

We are well-versed in numerous heating systems. While old-fashioned furnaces are still the most common HVAC system we sell and replace, some homeowners are opting for other alternatives. Andy’s Statewide Heating & Air Conditioning carries every make and model on the market, including:

  • Central Warm Air Furnaces: This type of furnace has a central combustor and uses gas, fuel, oil, or electricity to produce warm air. They connect to and travel through ductwork. Forced-air furnaces are an example of central warm air furnaces.
  • Hot Water Systems: Also called steam heaters or boilers, hot water systems utilize hot water to produce steam. The steam then travels to radiators, convectors, or pipes. Usually, the heat reaches the house through baseboard radiators.
  • Heat Pumps: Heat pumps combine air conditioners and furnaces and are more energy-efficient than traditional HVAC systems. They use ducts just as with central warm air furnaces, but the heat pump sits outside and pumps both warm and cold air.
  • Pipeless Furnaces: These furnaces supply localized warm air, usually through the walls and floors. We typically install these kinds of furnaces in the basement because heat travels up.
  • Electric Furnaces: Electric furnaces cost less than the alternatives, making them a must-buy for homeowners who have a restrictive budget. Despite the lower cost, they are incredibly efficient and do not create high energy bills.
  • Gas: If you currently have an electric furnace and want to explore switching to a gas furnace, we have plenty of models to choose from. Many gas furnaces are incredibly energy-efficient, which makes them an attractive option.
Professional Water Heater Service Providers In Detroit, MI

We Help Our Customers Afford Their New Furnace

Andy’s Statewide Heating & Air Conditioning understands that a furnace is an expensive one-time purchase. Even worse, buying one is rarely a planned expense. Instead, most of our customers replace their furnaces because the previous one stopped working. We want to help our customers afford a high-caliber replacement. We offer several payment plans that spread the cost of the new furnace across several months.

Contact Andy’s Statewide Heating & Air Conditioning Today

Andy’s Statewide Heating & Air Conditioning offers a vast selection of services to Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Troy, MI customers. In addition to furnace replacement and installation, we also repair furnaces. Our team is certified to repair, install, and replace air conditioners and geothermal systems. We can install indoor air quality systems and fix water heaters. Our home service plans help prevent unexpected failures through comprehensive maintenance. Contact our HVAC technicians today to discover why we are the area’s most trusted source for HVAC services.