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If you think about each part of your home, you may quickly realize how much work goes into maintaining a comfortable living space in Ann Arbor, Michigan. You count on your HVAC to help you stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and clean every day. At Andy’s Statewide, we work hard to ensure that you have everything you need from our heating and cooling company.

Industry Experience

When you call us for assistance, from air conditioning repair service to heating in Ann Arbor, MI, you can rely on our experts to have the industry experience to find the problem and fix it efficiently. We’re happy to help you handle any issue related to these systems, including furnace problems, and more.

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If your systems aren’t working reliably, you need to know that you can find a solution. We at Andy’s Statewide know that you depend on your home’s HVAC in Ann Arbor, MI. We aim to provide the great, predictable service you’ll be glad to call every time. We stay current on the latest technology and equipment to ensure we can give top-notch service.

Great Customer Attention

You don’t have to stress about the process when you can call our technicians for great customer service. We’ve built a reputation in Ann Arbor for considerate, caring service that answers your questions and puts your needs first. We serve a wide range of communities in the area, including nearby Arbor Valley Lane, Glencoe Hills, Northbury, Walnut Ridge, and more.

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Maintaining Home Comfort in Ann Arbor

The climate in Ann Arbor is no joke, particularly if you want to stay ahead of the weather each season can throw at you. At Andy’s Statewide, we have years of experience offering HVAC solutions in Detroit and Ann Arbor, and we can help you manage your systems in any season.

Cold, Snowy Winters

Ann Arbor has a humid continental climate, notable for its cold winters. In fact, theaverage winter highs in Ann Arbor sit around 34 degrees Fahrenheit, which is just above freezing. You need effective heating to ensure your home remains safe and comfortable. You can call Andy’s Statewide for expert furnace repair service and maintenance so that you have everything you need to beat the chill.

Hot, Humid Summers

Once you get past the cold, you have to prepare for the warm, humid summer. Withsummer highs of 81 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll hope that your air conditioning system can hold up each day. Our technicians have extensive expertise in maintaining various air conditioning systems to help you maximize your output and efficiency every year.


How does neglecting HVAC maintenance affect my system?

Failing to schedule HVAC maintenance can cause system inefficiency and failure over time. Clogged filters will make it harder for your system to operate and worn parts may break. If you leave it long enough, you may notice a loss of effective temperature control.

Why should I change my HVAC filters?

Your HVAC system draws air through the filter to condition and cycle through the home. Once the filter gets dirty, the system must work harder to supply fresh air. Clogged filters often lead to lower efficiency and even a premature failure of the system.

Can a lack of HVAC maintenance affect my energy efficiency?

The efficiency of your HVAC system depends on every part. When you avoid maintenance, you miss an opportunity for our technicians to test the system, lubricate parts, clean the coils, and talk to you about possible problems. Even slight malfunctions can significantly affect output and efficiency.

Can neglecting HVAC maintenance create safety issues in my home?

Forgetting about HVAC maintenance may lower your home’s air quality, creating health problems or making them harder to manage. When your HVAC equipment and ductwork get dirty, they spread the dust and debris into your home. Failure to address upkeep could put you at risk for electrical hazards or carbon monoxide poisoning, as well.

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