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Let Andy’s Statewide Repair or Replace Your Water Heater in Detroit, MI

It’s easy to take hot water for granted. We depend on it every day for bathing, doing dishes and laundry, and many other activities. Andy’s Statewide specializes in water heater repair and replacement services in Detroit, MI. If something goes wrong with your water heater, you can rest assured knowing our team will repair or replace it quickly, so you have the hot water you need. Our experienced, professional technicians will evaluate your hot water heater and determine whether it can be repaired or requires replacement. Learn more about what our team can do to help you get the hot water you need and contact us today to request an appointment.


Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair

Stepping in the shower to discover you’re not getting any hot water is not a pleasant experience. While this can be an obvious sign that something’s wrong with your water heater, there are other, less obvious signs to look out for. It’s easy to forget about your water heater, but simple inspections and preventative maintenance can keep it in good working condition for a long time. The following are common signs that you require water heater repair or replacement:

  • Water Temperature – Having no hot water at all is a sure sign that you have a problem. You might also experience your water being too hot or too cold. These problems can be the result of a buildup of sediment or a thermostat issue.
  • Rusting – If you have brown or rusty colored water, there’s a significant chance of corrosion with your water heater. Corrosion always leads to leaks, but repair or replacement will solve the problem.
  • Leaking – If your water heater is leaking water from the top, you likely have a loose pipe or a failed T&P valve.
  • Foul Smelling Water – If the water coming out of your tank smells unpleasant, you probably have a high level of bacteria present. 

Professional Water Heater Repair Services

Sometimes you need a brand new water heater, but in many cases, it can be repaired. Our team will start with a thorough inspection to determine which is the best course of action for your home. Repairing your water heater is a more affordable option. The average gas water heater will last about ten years, and tankless options can go for as long as 20. If your unit is less than ten years old, the repair is often your best bet. Keep the 50% rule in mind. If any water heater repair will cost you 50% of the cost to replace the unit altogether, it likely makes more sense to have it replaced.

Fast & Efficient Water Heater Replacement & Installation

Understandably, many homeowners would rather pay less to have their water heater repaired than having it replaced. However, that isn’t always the best option. If your water heater is near the end of its lifespan, it makes sense to have it replaced. You should also consider water heater replacement if you’ve noticed your energy bills going up. Newer models are more energy-efficient, especially tankless water heaters. Sure, you might save a little money today by not having your water heater replaced, but you’ll likely need more repairs in the future and won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of reduced water bills.

Skilled Water Heater Maintenance Services

Take care of your home’s appliances, and they’ll take care of you. Ensuring your water heater is well maintained is crucial if you want to get the most out of it and extend its lifespan. Annual water heater inspections and tune-ups allow our team to find and fix small problems before they become more significant and expensive. Our water heater maintenance services include removing mineral buildup, flushing the system, checking and adjusting electrical connections and air intake filters, and more. These quick and easy services can go a long way in reducing energy bills and adding years to your water heater’s lifespan.

Call the Professionals at Andy’s Statewide

You shouldn’t attempt to repair your water heater yourself. The experienced team at Andy’s Statewide repairs all types of hot water heaters, including traditional storage tank water heaters, solar-powered water heaters, tankless water heaters, and more. We work on all major brands and carry and install the best in the business. Our team has the experience, tools, and training necessary to ensure we get the job done right the first time.

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Andy’s Statewide offers expert water heater repair, replacement and installation services in the Detroit, MI area, including Ann Arbor and Troy, MI. Don’t let hot water repair costs concern you. Our team works with you to help you stay on budget with plenty of options available. We know there are other water heater repair companies, but we’re confident that we’re the best in the area. We pride ourselves on being professional at every step. We’re part of the ARS Network, which means we guarantee exceptional service while providing Midwest hospitality. It’s our mission to keep you and your family safe and comfortable with water heater repair and replacement, A/C services, heating, and much more. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment for service.

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