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Germicidal UV Light Air Cleaners in Detroit

Scientific studies have proven that indoor air pollution is a more serious health condition than was previously thought. With everything from mold spores to germs and viruses incubating in the average HVAC system, experts estimate that many homes have up to 100 times the pollution levels found outdoors. And for those with respiratory issues, that’s a pretty serious cause for concern.

While there are plenty of ways to cut back on indoor allergens, the most effective is the whole-house approach. Rather than trying to tackle the problem room by room with portable equipment, it’s far simpler to sanitize your air before it even enters your living spaces.

Home heating and air conditioning

Ultraviolet Air Cleaner

One way to do this is with an ultraviolet (UV) air cleaner. Long used to sterilize hospitals and research facilities, UV lighting technology is now available for the home as well.

Installed directly into your home’s ductwork, a UV air cleaner uses an ultraviolet lamp to kill microorganisms filtering in from your AC or heater. This means they are destroyed before they even get into your home’s ventilation system. And when used properly with a system of vents and air filters, an UV cleaner can practically eliminate germs from your ventilation system.

Professional Air Cleaner Installation

Having a UV lighting air cleaner installed in your home is easier than you might think. All it takes is a call to Andy’s Statewide, one of southeast Michigan’s experts in indoor air purification.

Not only can our technicians provide you with an in-home air quality assessment, they can also install your new system and help you keep it in good repair. So get in touch with us today. We’ll have you breathing cleaner air in no time!